The architectural firm Atelier PUUUR was founded in 2004 by architect Furkan Köse and located in the Houthaven in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he collaborates with architect Goeman Brecht in various projects from research projects to building commissions and urban design. Several architectural awards and nominations have been achieved which includes the A.A.P. 2012-2013 [Amsterdam Architecture Prize], 3rd prize APA 2013 [Achterhoek Architecture Prize], winner of the Gouden Piramide in 2014 and winner of the Zuiderkerkprijs 2015, prize for best new build housing project realized in Amsterdam, awarded by the municipality of Amsterdam.

PUUUR (PURE) stands  for the pursuit of purity in design at all scales in the design process. The detail and applied materials are just as important as the overall vision, where quality, durability and costs are important aspects. Highlighting the essence of an issue, can lift the ordinary into a straightforward beauty.

Architects register [SBA] 1.050301.013
Chamber of Commerce 34263677

with cooperation of

Mustafa Nicanci
Ritger Traag
Tugrul Avuclu
Pim van Tol
Peter van Gelder
Niels Westmeijer
Milad Pallesh
Stephan Vugrinec
Gara Beukman
René Leene
Martijn Tjassens Keizer
Mathijs de Wit

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